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Drawing of Erfurthuis and Blettermanhuis, image of VOC Kruithuis

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Stellenbosch Village Museum kitchen

Stellenbosch Museum
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A few images from the Stellenbosch Village Museum

The first fire engine in Stellenbosch

The first fire engine of Stellenbosch

Insid the VOC Kruithuis, Blom Street, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

The interior of the Dutch East India Company Powder Magazine -1777

Schreuderhuis Kitchen, Stellenbosch Museum

The kitchen of Schreuderhuis, the early 18 th century house at the Village Museum

18th Century kitchen, Stellenbosch Village Museum

A late 18th century kitchen at the Village Museum

Bedroom in the O.M Berg House, Village Museum, Stellenbosch

A bedroom of c. 1860 in the O.M. Berghhuis, Village Museum

Furniture in Bletterman House, Stellenbosch Village Museum

18 th Century Louis XV style Cape furniture in the Blettermanhuis, Village Museum